Tapping into the World of Talent

Emergency Talent is London based recruitment company, helping NHS Trusts and the Pharmaceutical Industry to resolve their shortage of highly skilled clinical professionals.

Emergency Talent is tapping into the source of reliable,  flexible, and affordable talent to tackle the pressure on health services across the UK and Europe.

Opening New Opportunities

Emergency Talent is helping clinical specialists to find the right career opportunity, with great rates and huge potential for continuing professional development.

Emergency Talent specialises in assisting global candidates with hassle free compliant preparation for entry to the UK and European healthcare markets.

Developing People

Emergency Talent is committed to offer access to a wide range of Continuing Professional Development and specialist learning opportunities in leading health institutions.

Emergency Talent is developing partnerships, helping with consultant led clinical supervision and internship opportunities.

We are Emergency Talent

Emergency Talent is London based Employment agency, with a mission to help the UK healthcare industry by accessing the best clinical talent form across the globe.

Our client’s recruitment challenges are often centered around a limited pool of candidates, restricting their ability to create a diverse highly motivated and industry beating workforce.

Through innovative techniques and a global network of associates we can often match our client’s requirements with our candidate’s requirements focusing on the right resources for the right posts.

For our global candidate, we guide and assist them with every step of the way, so they are fully prepared to demonstrate excellent work ethics and professional results.

Our experience through this journey has enabled us to make the difference for our new and experience candidates alike.

We speak your language, we understand and check our candidate’s capabilities, we know how to research credentials, experience and qualifications.

We have a vast experience in the recruitment industry and the best understanding of the European healthcare market.

This approach guarantees that our candidates are reliable, hardworking and knowledgeable clinicians.

We can source the best people for the position with flexible times and rates to work.

We can quickly resolve long or short term shortages of staff.

News for Candidates:

Emergency Talent is running a campaign, helping Bulgarian doctors to understand the British Health market. Clinicians will be able to speak with recruiters from Emergency Talent about their potential career opportunities in the UK.

This is the first of many initiatives in Eastern Europe, where our team will advise clinicians from abroad on the compliance requirements to work in UK.

ET press team, February 2014

“The NHS is facing such chronic shortages of GPs, nurses and specialists in elderly care in the next few years that patients may not get the care they need, a report warns.

Deepening gaps in the service’s workforce are so serious that bosses may have to rip up longstanding national pay agreements in order to attract key staff, risking confrontation with the health unions, according to the King’s Fund think-tank.”

The Guardian,  July 2013

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